Ali Card is a China-based provider of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) consumables. China is reputedly the largest producer of Cards, Tags and other RFID data carriers.


As a prime sourcing agent with an extensive relationship network to producing factories,  Ali Card provides international clients with

economical supplies of most all required products

quality supervision services to match most stringent customer requirements

local support in communication for technical and commercial matters

individually adjusted logistics to meet a smooth transit of shipments to destination

advice in matters, relating to specific products and producer independence

Ali Cards has a long-standing experience in dealing with worldwide acting customers and understand cultural differences and locally varying requirements. Ali Cards is willing and capable to deal with both, small and large requirements at very fair prices.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new technology with which the identification of objects of any type is done and allows for data to be captured quickly in an automatic way by means of radio frequency. 

RFID is mainly used in those areas where the performance of older technologies of identification, such as the bar codes, does not meet new demands (for example: in logistics, management of materials, industrial automation, etc…). 

This technology allows for the capture of data to be done in real time, which increases its reliability and reduces the cost, allowing the company to have more effective and efficient data management and thus increasing its competitiveness. 


Reader: :An electronic device that captures the information contained on the chip in a tag when the tag is activated. When the tag is activated by the reader, it transmits the information it contains to the reader.

Transponder or Tag: :It is an "intelligent label". It is made up of a fine copper wire thread antenna, a chip to which the ends of the antenna are soldered and a protective cover.

Antenna: :An element that is connected the reader, which makes it possible to emit a magnetic field necessary to activate the tag

How works?

The antenna/reader emits a magnetic wave that activates the transponder. This returns the magnetic wave with the data it contains. With this information the reader can process the data and register the information.

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