RFID Label is designed for various applications especially the asset tracking and NFC payment,we also offer NFC encoder and RFID readers.
The strength of RFID label compared with other tags is the thinner thickness and optional size. It can be sealed inside of goods or stick on the device surface with adhesive layer. The label is also optional with anti-metal layer to mount and working on metal surface.
Dimension: 86×54, 45×76, 22×38,50×50,40×25, 35×35, 38×25,30×15,etc
Thickness: Antenna position 0.35mm IC position 0.55mm
Chip Bonding: Wire bonding
Housing: Paper or PVC
Storage Temperature: -20 to +55°C


• Ink-jet logo printing
• Ink-jet printing of Serial Number, UID number
• Chip encoding
• Anti-metal layer
• 3M adhesive layer

• Asset tracking
• Payment NFC
• Library management
• Logistic / Supply Chain 

Chip Encapsulation:
• 860~915Mhz ISO18000-6C: UHF GEN2 
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