Contact card
Contact card is named by the chip models. Contact card chip is visible from outside, the normally thickness is 0.84mm, a bit thicker than plastic card(0.76mm).
Contact Memory card processing is easy, plastic plate with hole to contains the chip. Contactless card processing is a bit complex: Wafer- COB- Cooper coil- lamination - Inlay - printing film - finished products.
There are two effects of the surface: glossy finished/ matte finished. Nowadays glossy finished type is widely used, because it is available with personalization later. And matte finished type advantage is able to avoid the scratch vestige.


• Offset Printing with CMYK or Pantone colors
• Silk-screen printing with metallic, sliver effect
• Magnetic Stripe – HiCo2750, HiCo4000 or LoCo300
• Serial Number or UID number printing (Ink-jet printing or Thermal transfer printing or Laser process) 
• Signature Panel
• Barcode printing
• Photo personalization
• Chip encoding
• Hologram
• UV printing 

• Membership Loyalty System 
• Hotel locks
• Payments
• Vendor Machine 

Chip Encapsulation:
•SLE5542/ SLE5528
• BL7442/BL7428
• AT24C01, AT24C02, AT24C64
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